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Okeanos Technologies honored with BlueTech® Research Innovation Tracker Award

May 16th 2014- In acknowledgement of its novel, innovative water technology, Okeanos Technologies has been awarded the Innovation Tracker Badge by BlueTech® Research. Recognition for this award highlights the advanced nature of Okeanos Technologies within the water industry, and registers the company within the BlueTech Research Innovation Tracker.

Comprising over 500 companies, the BlueTech Research Innovation Tracker provides a live, online tool to track the most important innovative, disruptive technology companies in the industry. Innovation Tracker companies are hand-selected based on a number of criteria, including the BlueTech Research “Disrupt-o-Meter”, which measures the technology’s disruptive potential within the water market. The Innovation Tracker maps key companies and technologies within the water sector, providing users with the ability to filter through companies and gather comprehensive data on each technology.

Tony Frudakis Ph.D., CEO of Okeanos Technologies said, “It is an honor to receive the Innovation Tracker Award. This award bolsters our belief in WaterChip and is a source of great pride for our team. We thank BlueTech Research for recognizing the innovative potential of our technology and for including us in the Innovation Tracker, where we look to garner more exposure within the water industry.”

ABOUT Okeanos Technologies

Okeanos was formed in 2012 to develop and commercialize a next-generation, ultra-efficient desalination technology. Our solid-state WaterChipTMplatform harnesses and redirects the corrosive potential of seawater to separate salts from water with world-record efficiency. Our disruptive/transformative WaterChipTM platform is expected to enable a more distributive water distribution model and simultaneously address a number of profound environmental, economic and human health related problems. For more information about us please visit our website at

About BlueTech® Research

BlueTech Research, an O2 Environmental company, is an independent water technology market intelligence firm. The firm provides actionable insights to a global client base on innovative and disruptive technologies, market direction, market opportunities, and access to intelligence on the companies innovating in the water space. To learn more or schedule a demo, please visit
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