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Okeanos Technologies Completes Series A Round

Union, KY (April 1, 2013) - Okeanos Technologies, developer of ultra-efficient, next-generation desalination technology, announces that it has completed its Series A equity capital round with Venture Capital firm Grupo Arcano. The investment will provide funding for growth and commercialization of the Company’s WaterChip™.

Modern-day desalination technologies operate in “macrospace”, where liters of water are treated using massive heat, hydraulic pressure and/or electrical current sources. Ultimately reliant on the combustion of fossil fuels, these costly and relatively under-adopted technologies are tethered to existing energy and water distribution infrastructures via centralized models. The Okeanos WaterChip™ is a solid-state microelectronics electrochemistry platform that harnesses and redirects the corrosive power of seawater to desalinate with extreme energy efficiency. Purifying impaired water one millionth of a liter at a time, The WaterChip™ is capable of world-record efficiency, allowing for off-grid operation using alternative energy sources in remote locations.

With the funding provided, Okeanos will be massively parallelizing and commercializing its WaterChip™ platform to improve human health, enhance economic development, and enable better environmental and economic stewardship.

About Okeanos Technologies
Okeanos was formed in 2012 to develop and commercialize a next-generation, ultra-efficient desalination technology. Our solid-state WaterChip™ platform harnesses and redirects the corrosive potential of seawater to separate salts from water with world-record efficiency. Our disruptive/transformative WaterChip™ platform is expected to enable a more distributive water distribution model and simultaneously address a number of profound environmental, economic and human health related problems. For more information about us please visit our website at

About Grupo Arcano
Grupo Arcano has twelve years of success in private equity investments focused on high technology. The firm was founded in 2001 by Stanford graduate Alberto Chang Rajii, former founder of Canal Directo of Chile and one of Google Incorporated’s first investors. Arcano’s portfolio includes Onix Capital, Ice Swan, Ecoplasticos, Solar Chile, Highlander and NeoWood. For more information about Grupo Arcano, please visit