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Okeanos Technologies Signs Sponsored Research Agreement with the University of Texas at Austin

Union, KY (April 1, 2012) – Okeanos Technologies announced today that it has entered into a Sponsored Research Agreement (SRA) with The University of Texas at Austin to develop an innovative microtechnology for seawater desalination. Internationally recognized faculty at The University of Texas at Austin will produce bench-scale prototypes of the company’s new solid-state WaterChip™ microdesalination platform.

Okeanos was formed in 2012 to increase the efficiency of seawater desalination in order to address the increasingly chronic fresh water shortages many parts of the world are experiencing.

With only 2.53 percent of the earth’s water naturally fresh, scientists have been working to create ways to purify and utilize the abundant sources of saline surface-level and underground water sources. Until now, most of these processes have been employed on the macro-level and rely on the inefficient combustion of fossil fuels, resulting in exorbitant capital, operational and maintenance costs. Okeanos is focused instead on desalinating in micro rather than macroscale, using an ultra-efficient process that is driven by electron rather than ion transfer kinetics to achieve what the Company expects will become recognized for world-record efficiency.

Okeanos will leverage this agreement to form the foundation for future developmental efforts focused on upscaling and commercialization. Sponsored Research Agreements like this one are often utilized by private and non-profit entities as a means by which to leverage academic talent and ingenuity towards the application of cutting-edge science in the real world. The SRA, funded in part by a grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), incorporates an option for Okeanos to license resulting intellectual property, and is expected to result in a future license agreement between The University of Texas at Austin and the Okeanos.

About Okeanos Technologies
Okeanos was formed in 2012 to develop and commercialize a next-generation, ultra-efficient desalination technology. Our solid-state WaterChip™ platform harnesses and redirects the corrosive potential of seawater to separate salts from water with world-record efficiency. Our disruptive/transformative WaterChip™ platform is expected to enable a more distributive water distribution model and simultaneously address a number of profound environmental, economic and human health related problems. For more information about us please visit our website at

About The University of Texas at Austin
Founded in 1883, The University of Texas at Austin has become one of the largest and most respected universities in the nation, with a diverse learning community and students from every state and more than 100 countries. For more information about the University please visit our website at