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Okeanos Technologies Awarded Coveted SBIR Grant from EPA

Union, KY (March 1, 2012) - Okeanos Technologies has announced that is has been awarded a coveted Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I Grant by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Okeanos was presented with these funds to develop and prove their concept for a solid-state WaterChip™ microdevice platform for ultra-efficient sea and brackish water desalination.

In collaboration with the University of Texas at Austin under a separate Sponsored Research Agreement, Okeanos is developing nanoscale desalination technology that will provide substantial cost and energy efficiency advantages compared to all other modern-day systems, whose macroscale processes requiring high costs and energy use have prevented their widespread adoption. Purifying impaired water one millionth of a liter at a time, The WaterChip™ is capable of world-record efficiency, allowing for off-grid operation using alternative energy sources in remote locations.

Established by the Small Business Innovation Development Act of 1983, The EPA SBIR program is a set-aside program for small businesses to engage in research and development and promote commercialization of products with potential to protect human health and the environment. Grants are only awarded to for-profit organizations with less than 500 employees. Phase 1 grants are assessed on their scientific merit and technical feasibility. Okeanos’ proposal was also deemed to have been responsive to broad EPA agency objectives towards a zero net consumption of water and energy future.

About Okeanos Technologies
Okeanos was formed in 2012 to develop and commercialize a next-generation, ultra-efficient desalination technology. Our solid-state WaterChip™ platform harnesses and redirects the corrosive potential of seawater to separate salts from water with world-record efficiency. Our disruptive/transformative WaterChip™ platform is expected to enable a more distributive water distribution model and simultaneously address a number of profound environmental, economic and human health related problems. For more information about us please visit our website at

About the EPA
The mission of the EPA is to protect human health and the environment through the development and enforcement of science-based policies and regulations. For more on the EPA’s priorities please visit our website at